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Does splashing out on shoes worry you? Do you prefer to spend your hard earned cash on handbags and , jewellery because the thought of spending hundreds on something that constantly touches the floor or could be ruined by a slight spill upset you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even if you’re fond of buying cheap clothing and footwear to avoid the heartache of wear and tear, this shouldn’t stop you from splashing the cash on a good pair of Christian Louboutins or other such luxurious shoe brands though. That’s not what Carrie Bradshaw taught us

So, instead of shying away from buying expensive shoes for fear of them getting ruined, why don’t you just ensure that you take good care of them so they can last a long time? Here are a few tips us ladies at My Fashion Life HQ swear by:

1) Use a shoehorn

This nifty little device will help prevent the back of your shoe from being damaged when putting your feet in.

2) Use a shoe rack

Preferably keep shoes packed away in your wardrobe at room temperature. Leather shoes will suffer shrinkage if they’re kept in hotter areas. Shoes that are damp need to be kept separate until dry (see No.6).

3) Shoe rotation – mix it up!

Shoes need to be given time to rest otherwise they’ll get damaged more easily, so never wear a pair of shoes more than a couple of days in a row. Try mixing different pairs with different outfits.

4) Replace the insole

Eventually the insole will become worn through. Replacing it can help prolong the life of your favourite pair of shoes. A new insole will also make the shoes more comfortable to walk in.

5) Clean your shoes

It might seem a tad obvious, but using a good shoe polish will help to prolong your shoes. Brushing the shoe before applying a polish on it will help remove any dirt. If like us you have more shoes than clothes, using a separate brush for each colour is recommended so colour isn’t transferred.

6) Rainy-day recovery plan

Knowing the great British weather, at some point it will start to rain and you will find yourself struggling to get that darn umbrella open whilst standing in a puddle in your beautiful strappy heels. Have no fear though. Once you take them off, immediately stuff the shoes with newspaper which will instantly soak up the excess moisture. Next, store your shoes in a warm dry place. Wait a full day before you wear them again to make sure they dry out.

7) Smelly shoes

This might be one you want to share with your partner. A simple trick to get rid of foot odour – yours or his – is to sprinkle some baking soda inside the shoes. This will help remove the foul smell.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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