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We’re not going to lie, as much as we are looking forward to putting our feet up, arguing over who gets to be the racecar in Monopoly and stuffing our faces with all eight courses of Christmas dinner, the thing we are most excited about this festive season is the Downton Abbey Christmas Special.

And speaking of Downton Abbey, Lady Mary, aka Michelle Dockery, has found herself on the cover of InStyle UK’s January issue. Isn’t it good how everything ties together so nicely?

Michelle talks to the mag about the ageing process, karaoke, and the stability being on Downton has given her…

“It’s a very solid and successful job; it just gives you that sense of security, I guess,” she said. “I mean, I own a flat now. I worked out I moved 16 times from the age of 19, just hopping about from different flats, because I couldn’t always afford to stay. It’s lovely to feel stability.”

To see some seriously gorgeous pics like the one above and find out what her ultimate karaoke tracks are (hint: one of them is a real power ballad!) make sure you pick up the January issue of InStyle UK – out now!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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