Last Updated on 25th March 2014

Do you remember your first kiss? We’re talking everything from your first ever kiss as an awkward adolescent or the first kiss with your current beau/significant other. Both can be as nerve-wracking as they are magical, but one thing they definitely are without a doubt, is unforgettable. And that’s pretty much the inspiration behind Lacoste’s latest ad campaign.


Directed by Seb Edwards and produced by Wanda and BETC France, Lacoste’s newest ad campaign – Life is a beautiful sport, was made to coincide with the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and the autumn/winter 2014 season of New York Fashion Week. Fashion, sport, love – it has it all! The video campaign tells the moving story of a couple’s first kiss, as a man (Paul Hamy – quite a handsome man if we’re being totally honest) seemingly overcomes his fears by engaging in some gravity-defying moves that even Spiderman would be proud of to show the woman of his dreams (the equally beautiful Anna Brewster) how he really feels about her by taking a metaphorical and very literal "big leap".


The video features the tagline “life is a beautiful sport”, and incorporates everything from sporting spirit, authenticity, performance, elegance, and of course, love all in one video. We think it just might be one of the brand’s best advertising campaigns to date; it's simple, personal, heart-warming and has a strong yet relatable message. Everyone has fears, everyone wants to fall in love, everyone experiences human emotions, and we think the ad campaign encapsulates that perfectly.

Thoughts? Are you loving the campaign as much as us?


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