Last Updated on 19th August 2014

We’ve learnt a lot of things from America, but it isn’t always the teacher. In this case, American women are very much the students as they appear to be taking lessons from the Swedish culture. At least, in the cute video created by WASA they are.

You won’t find many Swedish women addicted to their Blackberries or iPhones once they’ve clocked off from work. As whole, the Swedish culture is far more relaxed than the American or even British, with a healthier work-life balance and natural lifestyle being something it really promotes. And that’s pretty much the message in the WASA video.

To summarise (because we don’t want to spoil it all for you), American businesswoman Clarissa can be seen taking a work trip to the fine capital city Stockholm, and engaging in a spot of yoga to help her unwind and relax after a long, hard day’s work. To her (and we assume most people’s delight) the local yoga class is full of hunky men and their adorable babies. What a great sight – and just wait ‘til you see how the WASA crackers make their debut in the video. Hint: it’s pretty cute!

As well as promoting Sweden, yoga and a healthy work-life balance, the video is also promoting WASA crackers. They’re a great way to start you day (along with morning yoga if that’s how you roll) or are perfect to keep at your desk when you fancy a cheeky snack between meals. You don’t even need to feel guilty as they’re pretty healthy; win-win! The WASA crisp bread for example is only 80 calories for two slices, and you get an amazing 5g of fibre with that too. Not bad!

“This post is sponsored by WASA, but all opinions are our own”.

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