The title of this article may well raise a few eyebrows, as self-storage and a fashionable home do not really go together for most people, but if you give us a bit of time, we might just convince you otherwise!

Often considered as a place to just put all of your old junk and possessions that you really cannot bear to part with but might not necessarily use on a daily basis, self-storage has had a reputation as being a premium dumping ground. But, as more and more city living people utilize self-storage as an expansion to their own home, self-storage now has a much more predominant role to play for everyday people who are looking to live a less cluttered lifestyle but might not be able to afford to or be able to get the mortgage to move to a bigger home.

One of the biggest causes of rows in the home place between families is mess, and mess can often be attributed to having too many things and not enough storage. Of course, there are going to be those that simply do not have the time or effort to clean, but for most of us, it is the fact we have a load of possessions but we just have no room to store them all. Space in the UK is running out, and no matter how quickly new homes are built, the demand for more space will always be there. Even if you can afford a new home there is still going to be a gap between selling and moving that you could always turn to a self-storage facility to bridge.

cleaner home is usually a happier home, and when you are not stepping over toys, walking around old furniture or simply dodging the books falling off of the crowded shelves, you can start to sit back and enjoy some space. Endless studies have proved that when we feel overpowered in our homes by the lack of space our possession often leave us with, it can all feel just a bit too much, so by moving the things into a storage unit that you might not need on a regular basis could be the answer to your home blues.

Self-storage is now more popular for a few reasons:

Affordability – As the supply has grown, the price has come down due to competition, which means that you can easily afford longer-term storage rental nowadays when compared to many years ago. Many of the big players offer incentives and long-term discounts, with many also offering the first month free and various other ways of getting your business. If you weigh up the cost of moving to a new house or renting a garage somewhere, self storage is most definitely a really cost-effective way to go, especially as it is now more affordable than ever.

Availability – There are now more and more self-storage facilities all over the UK, which means whether you live in the middle of a large city, or you live in a rural village, you are usually no more than a short drive to the nearest one. This makes these units far more accessible to use more often, so rather than only having access when you are moving in and out, you can now use a storage facility like the garage on your house, especially with many offering 24 / 7 access.

Flexibility – Keeping on with the access point, many of the bigger facilities offer you access when you want and need it, meaning that you do not have to book a time, you can just turn up, unlock your unit, do what you need to do, lock up and drive away. Plus, there are usually very few that demand long-term contracts, allowing you to come and go as you please, rather than feel you have to use something just because you are tied up for another 6 months.

So, if your home is a bit cluttered and you feel that it is dampening your style and how you feel about being there, give your local self-storage facility a ring to get some costs and size ideas, as you never know, it could lead to not only your home feeling better but also you! If ever you are residing in South London, check out Brighton self storage for your storage needs

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