Last Updated on 9th March 2016

Being a fashionista is thirsty work! We all know there is some truth behind the whole ‘shopping can burn calories’ theory for starters. And there are is the ever-growing experience you’re gaining through managing your finances effectively…It’s tough!

One frustrating aspect about having a, we like to say ‘small’, shopping addiction is the amount of space your lovely new garments and accessories take up. There’s no way you’re going to get rid of anything (you WILL wear that circa ’95 fluorescent jacket again, you know it) yet you can’t exactly afford a walk-in wardrobe on par with Carrie Bradshaw, so what are your options?

Creating your perfect fashion temple isn’t tricky when you have the know-how. It just takes some amazing designer lighting and a little de-cluttering, and we promise you won’t have to get rid of a thing! Lampcommerce have some amazing designer lighting solutions and your local haberdashery can supply the fabric for your perfect walk-in wardrobe…

First things first, you need to unload your wardrobe of any clothing and accessories you may have lying around. Place together and organise. Warning; this will take longer than you thought but it’s worth it! During this process, you may decide you could do well to rid yourself of some questionable fashion choices. If not, organising your clothes and accessories into easy categories will save you time and space. For example, any t-shirts you have hanging could be grouped together and neatly folded. This saves so much valuable hanger space.


Creating a walk-in wardrobe
Now, looking into your empty closet space, you can decide if you need to invest in a whole new wardrobe altogether (pun intended). The selection of wardrobes now on offer is great. Many include various different sections, drawers and hanging possibilities BUT there is another option.

Of course, a walk-in wardrobe probably takes up a little too much in your one bedroom apartment but you don’t necessarily need a clumpy space-consuming wardrobe clogging up your bedroom either. We love the idea of sectioning off an area of your room dedicating it to your fashion and here’s how you can achieve it:

Clothing Rails – one or two sturdy yet thrifty clothing rails for the corner of your room, ideally where that huge wardrobe used to reside. Place your clothing and accessories neatly on.

Lighting – investing in some simple, light and stylish floor lamps like these options from Artemide, will allow you to create that walk-in wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of.

Drapes – To keep your room looking tidy and unique, use thin drapes attached to your ceiling similar to a shower curtain rail to pull across your new shiny mini walk-in wardrobe.

So simple, yet so effective! Say goodbye to your wardrobe and hello to an airy and spacious walk-in wardrobe…without the price tag.



Thirdly, you can go about personalising! Those drapes make the ideal accessories to add your own sense of style too. Whether it’s an exotic throw you picked up on your travels in Asia, or some gorgeous silk from the local haberdashery (we love, your new clothing rail gives your room a personal touch. With your new floor lamps, you can shine the light through the fabric creating a relaxed atmosphere and unique patterns on your walls.

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