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April is World Earth Month, when we take the time to reflect on what we can do as a society and as individuals to take better care of the planet we call home. If you’re fashion-conscious, interested in natural style clothing that takes a creative approach to trends and design techniques, and ready to carry your love of the environment over to a more eco-conscious approach to sustainable clothing and the way you shop, then we’re here to help.

Feeling pessimistic about your ability to find cutting-edge styles that offer innovative design without sacrificing the planet’s resources along the way? We’ve got good news. There are plenty of awesome brands out there that have woken up to the significance of an earth-loving approach to design and manufacturing, and they certainly haven’t abandoned their style credentials along the way.

If you’re unsure where to start, don’t stress; we have a solution. Idun Loor is a fashion-forward, empowering ethical boutique that specialises in sustainable designer clothing that looks and feels gorgeous. They take the time to source and sell only the best eco-conscious designers and brands so you don’t have to stress about where your next new favourite outfit comes from.

Whether you’re looking for upcycled denim, want to wear comfortable organic cotton tops that you can layer with any look, or feel ready to embrace a beautiful breezy style that just wouldn’t feel right without a natural clothing design, they have the perfect garment for your wardrobe.

Here are a few of the brands we’re loving at the moment (all of them are available to shop right now at Idun Loor)….

Ksenia Schnaider

This Ukranian brand is the brainchild of married couple Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, and they’re leading the way when it comes to sustainable clothing that uses reworked materials to create innovative and truly cutting edge designs. Those with their finger on the fashion pulse may already know them from their iconic demi-denim creations, but newcomers to the brand will love the way they play with proportions and subvert expectations with their quirky, environmentally-friendly aesthetic.

Arcana NYC

This brand may be based in the Big Apple, but their gorgeous eco clothing has grabbed the attention of stylish environmental enthusiasts worldwide thanks to their attention to detail and carefully-sourced, beautiful textiles. Not only are their materials sourced with special attention paid to the location and carbon footprint of the product, they’re also committed to supporting local communities across the globe with their unique approach to design. Each garment uses indigenous artisan textiles that bring a unique atmosphere and cultural diversity to every piece they sell.

Johny be good

Proving the point that you don’t need to dive into a hippy-dippy vibe as soon as you start sourcing your clothes with more care, Johny be good creates garments that are sleek and chic with a touch of rebellion thrown in for girls who love a little edge to their look. They mix organic fashion with handwritten embroidery for a totally fresh twist on the class white collared shirt.

Lilly Ingenhoven

While some may immediately think of organic cotton and upcycled denim when they picture designer eco friendly clothing, there’s a lot more luxury out there than you might expect. At Idun Loor we stock the incomparable evening and bridal brand Lilly Ingenhoven. This talented German designer knows exactly how to craft strong but beautifully feminine gowns that prioritise quality and ethical manufacturing as well as durability. These gowns are true investment pieces to be handed down through generations, and all of the textiles are hand crafted locally to ensure that the health of our planet is never endangered in the process.   

Jan ‘N June

This German eco clothing brand aims to bring a sexy, cool, and modern feel to the sustainable fashion world. Their line is sharp and minimalist with an adaptable design approach that makes their garments look comfortable and stylish whether you’re in the office or out for drinks with your girlfriends. Their eco credentials are pretty impressive, too – they use only recycled or organic cotton, recycled polyester, organic linen, or an innovative fibre called Tencel to create their chic designs. Just one look through their line and you’ll know that sustainability can be seriously sexy.


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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