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Whether you are a seasoned minimalist or not, there is no questioning the understated beauty of a simple wedding ring. The aesthetic appeal of a simple ring with no etched designs or accent stones coupled with a single centerstone without any halo of diamonds is undeniable. Much like any other minimalist design, these rings have an uncluttered look and their simplicity doesn’t end up compromising the overall beauty. If you are a person who favors subtly over flashy, then traditional diamond wedding rings might not be for you. Most jewelry stores have their fair share of simple rings. However, when it comes to their wedding ring selection most pieces have traditional design elements much like many matching wedding rings in the UK. Following are 5 subtle wedding ring designs that will satiate your hunger for keeping things minimal.

The Simple Band: No etched design, no rock, just a simple metal band. The classic convex band design looks simple and beautiful. To give a bit of personality you can have it made in rose gold, carbon fiber, or ceramic. The simple design contrasts really well with radical material options.

The One Made From Wood: If you didn’t know it already, understated wooden rings are quite the rage amongst minimalists. Often made from red sandalwood or oak, these rings usually have a polished finished. The natural grains of the wood add a certain depth to the design, which is unmatched by any other material.  

The Slim Ring: A simple thin ring made from gold or other metals is often a great choice for people who don’t want to attract attention. The thin ring is comfortable to wear and it’s so understated that it often goes unnoticed. Thanks to its limited weight and surface area, these simple wedding rings  need little material and are thus affordable. Most jewelers don’t feature slim rings in their wedding ring’s collection. This is why it’s always best to ask for slim metal rings in particular instead of asking them to show you wedding rings with slim bands.

The One That Looks Unfinished: Whether you like them or not, organic rings with their unfinished design definitely looks minimal. Instead of adhering to proportions and lines, these rings have an organic flow to them. They almost look unfinished as if the jeweler stopped hammering mid way. These rings are certainly not for everyone. They have a non-polished finish and the rings have an unpredictable watery flow to them.

The Single-Rock Design: This is a classic minimalist design. A glittery rock mounted on a simple metal setting, accentuated by the simplicity of the thin metal ring. The overall design looks so beautiful that it’s a popular wedding ring style and is often found in jewelry stores and online stores. To fit the minimalist design philosophy, it’s important to choose a ring with a moderately-sized gemstone. If you go too big on the stone, it compromises the balanced design and the ring crosses the boundary of minimalism and ventures into gaudy.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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