Last Updated on 17th February 2019

Everyone loves a bargain but you always have to be ready for that price is just a little too good to be true. When it comes to buying skincare and cosmetics, ‘original’ is always going to be better than a bargain price.

If you see your favourite beauty item from a slightly dodgy looking eBay seller, can you take the risk? You really shouldn’t. Yes, the price might be amazing compared to what you usually pay at the department store but you cannot give in to temptation. Chances are this amazing deal is nothing but fiction and you are spending your money on a fake product.

What’s the Harm?

We buy knock-off products all the time. Who needs to know that your new handbag is a fake? Why should we care that the new lippy we’ve thrown in it is also fake?

Aside from the ethical issues surrounding fake goods, when it comes to cosmetics things get a lot more serious than a fake handbag ever could. Makeup goes through rigorous testing phases before it is released to make sure it is safe to put on human skin. Even then, some unfortunate people can still be allergic to the trace components and can find themselves unable to use the products.

Fake makeup has gone through no such testing. It has been carefully manufactured so it looks like the product it is pretending to be and that is it. These manufacturers don’t care about what they are putting in the mix to achieve the right colours. It has been reported that unsafe levels of metal contaminants like mercury, paint-stripper, and even faeces.

Does anyone knowingly want to put faeces on their face?

Where Can We Get the Good Stuff?

You should always only buy your cosmetics from legitimate, verified websites. For example, you can buy original cosmetics at Maple Prime as easily as you could with any other legitimate website. Remember, if the deal is too good to be true, it most likely is.

If you buy knock-off products, you are risking severe allergic reactions and potential long-term effects to your health. If the makeup product is for your eyes, you could even be risking blindness. Always try to buy the real cosmetic items. Even if the savings make you unbelievably happy, your health could still be majorly at risk.

What If It is Fake Makeup?

Occasionally, you may still have a piece of fake makeup make its way to you. If you suspect that a piece of makeup is fake, check the packaging carefully. You should be able to compare it to images online of real products. Pay particular attention to any blocks of writing as this is where the forgery is most likely to be evident. You should also try to compare the colour of the boxes as best as you can, as a slight change in the colour tone of the box might indicate that all is not what it seems.

There can be no doubt about it, reasonably priced fake makeup will never be better than real, original cosmetics.

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