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Who doesn’t like getting dressed up in a nice outfit and putting on a pair of fancy shoes for a night out on the town? We’d love to finally pull out our fave heels from the back of the closet to go to a nice dinner or a night of dancing. However, it could be these shoes that are actually leaving long-term damage to our bodies. 

As young women, we rarely think about the consequences of what we are doing. How will that decision affect us 40 years from now? Here’s exactly how your favorite shoes could be damaging your body so you can have a brighter, pain-free future. 

Stiletto Heels

Oh, the sexy stiletto heel! Every girl has a pair of these hidden in her closet somewhere, dreaming of the day she can walk confidently in them. While these shoes make your legs look amazing, they can leave quite the impression on your body. 

Stilettos are known to cause osteoarthritis in your knees, back problems, and damage to the Achilles tendon from the shift of your weight while standing and walking. 


Who would have thought your adorable ballet flats could leave you with long-term damage? Unfortunately, this happens to be the case for many people. They believe since they aren’t wearing heels that they are avoiding any damage to their feet. 

Flats can actually take a huge toll on your feet. In the short-term, they can cause blisters, corns, and calluses from the friction, especially if your feet tend to sweat. In the long-term, you could end up with flat feet due to lack of arch support. 

Pointed Toed Shoes

The pointed toed shoe is seen as sleek and sophisticated, especially when paired with a heel. Many women opt for this shape when going to work at the office or running around to meetings all day. Over time, though, these shoes can deform your feet. 

Many women end up having bunion surgery because their toes have been so bent out of shape, and they now have an uncomfortable and painful bulge on the side of their foot. 


When fashion introduced the platform heel, women praised it everywhere! Finally, there was a heel that was easy to walk in and typically pretty comfortable. While this shoe is quite fashionable and convenient for many women, it is yet another of our favorite shoes that can leave damage. 

If worn often, platform shoes can result in a stomp-like step, strain on the leg muscles, and arch pain. 

Flip Flops

The ultimate wear everywhere summer shoes are so versatile and perfect, it’s sad to admit that they aren’t the best for your feet. With the open toe structure, in the short-term, you can experience blisters, cuts, and splinters from being exposed to the outside world. 

In the long-term, flip flops can cause pain in the back, hips, and knees due to the lack of arch support. 

While all of these shoes are stylish and must-haves in your closet, it’s good to wear them in moderation to avoid these painful long-term effects. 

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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