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Invisible braces are becoming a common and popular way for adults to get straighter teeth, without the need for metal braces. If you are considering straightening your own teeth, here is everything you need to know before getting invisible braces, including common questions and advantages of clear braces over metal braces.

Invisible Braces Are More Comfortable

Metal braces can cause more pain for many reasons. The most common reason why metal braces cause more pain over a longer period of time is due to the constant need to tighten these braces to continually straighten the teeth. This causes pain after each tightening, whereas invisible braces are usually only uncomfortable for the first few weeks of wear, before you get more used to the sensation. Metal braces are more likely to cut the mouth, which can lead to painful sores. This can affect eating, drinking and even sleeping. If you want the most comfort when straightening your teeth, choose invisible braces. 

Invisible Braces Straighten Teeth Faster

In general, adult teeth are going to take longer to straighten than children’s teeth, as they have had time to grow and develop, meaning they need more pressure to alter their state. Metal braces treatment can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 years, whereas invisible braces can take half this time. The average length of use is anywhere from 6-11 months. For quick results, invisible braces are the way to go. 

You Must Only Drink Water When Wearing Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are easy to take in and out, meaning you don’t need to worry about eating and drinking with them in. If you are wearing them, you must only consume water, as anything else could stain or damage the braces. Simply take them out whenever you want to enjoy a quick coffee or lunch. This is a great way to consume more water and cut down on sugary drinks. 

You Must Wear Your Invisible Braces For 20+ Hours a Day

If you want the best results from your invisible braces, you can’t be constantly taking them in and out to eat or go out. Invisible braces are a better option as they can’t be seen and can be taken out when needed, but they won’t work if you don’t use them properly. Much like metal braces, the longer they are in, the more work they will do. You must wear your braces for as long as possible each day, only taking them out for mouth care or to eat and drink. Recommended wear is between 20-22 hours daily. Wearing them less than this will delay the teeth straightening process. 

You Need to Keep Them Clean

Invisible braces are in your mouth for most of the day, meaning they need regular maintenance just as your teeth do. It is very important not to use toothpaste on your braces, as this could cause damage. Using a soft toothbrush, simply clean your braces with clean tap water. You can do this each time you brush your own teeth. Keeping your own teeth clean will help to keep your invisible braces clean too.

They Shouldn’t Affect Your Speech

While they may cause a slight change in speech for the first few days, as you get used to your invisible braces, your speech should quickly go back to normal as you get used to them. If invisible braces are causing speech issues, it could be that they don’t fit properly. In fact, many users of invisible braces are still able to do everything they usually would, including playing the trumpet or flute. 

Invisible Braces Keep Your Teeth Cleaner

Metal braces pose many problems for wearers, including dirtier teeth. As there is a metal track running along the teeth, it can be harder to keep the teeth clean and free of dirt. Flossing can be extremely difficult, and staining of the teeth is more common with metal braces. Invisible braces allow the wearer to clean and floss as normal by simply removing the braces, and the braces themselves are simply and easy to clean and maintain. 

Invisible Braces Can Be More Affordable

A common myth is that invisible braces are more expensive; however, this is not the case. Not only do many companies offer monthly payment plans (see below), the general costs of invisible braces are often lower. This is mainly because metal braces need regular adjustments, meaning plenty of trips to the orthodontist. As metal braces last longer, this could mean regular payments for up to 3 years, which isn’t affordable for many. Metal braces can also stain the teeth, meaning teeth whitening is another added expense at the end of the treatment. Invisible braces are therefore more affordable, and you can see exactly what you will be paying beforehand. 

You Can Pay Monthly

Straightening your teeth can be costly when paying upfront, but with the option of payment plans, having straight teeth can be more within your reach. ALIGNERCO offer monthly payment plans for invisible braces, with no hidden costs or fees and no dental visits. For an affordable and discreet way to get the smile you’ve always wanted, check out ALIGNERCO today. 

Invisible Braces Can Aid in Weight Loss

If you are a frequent snacker, invisible braces can help you cut that habit. While snacking on healthy foods is good, snacking too much and on the wrong foods can lead to weight gain. If you are looking to lose weight, invisible braces can also help with this. It can be a pain to take the braces out each time you want to eat, meaning you are less inclined to want to snack. As you need to keep them in for around 20-22 hours each day, you have a smaller timeframe in which you can eat. This can cut out that evening wine or morning coffee and may see you losing weight and feeling healthier. 

You Should Do Regular Mouth Care

Invisible braces can aid us with keeping better care of our teeth. Not only will this help with straightening the teeth, it may whiten the teeth too, with regular brushing recommended after eating. Before putting your invisible braces back in, brushing and flossing will prevent any trapped food from sitting in the teeth and the brace, which could cause staining to both. As the brace is in place, this trapped food won’t have a chance to come out, meaning regular mouth care is essential to get the most from your braces and keep both your teeth and brace clean. 

There Are No Food Restrictions

Invisible braces do pose restrictions when you are wearing them, but they are easily removed to counteract this. Metal braces cannot be taken out and are therefore associated with many more food restrictions. Anything that is chewy is off the table, meaning foods such as popcorn aren’t allowed at all during the whole time of use. Considering this could be up to three years, this is something to consider before choosing metal or invisible braces. While there are no food restrictions with invisible braces, wearing any forms of braces often makes you consider what you are consuming and how good this is for your teeth. Sometimes, wearing braces can make for cleaner eating habits

Invisible braces have many benefits over metal braces and can be a faster and more affordable alternative. Although they do need to be worn for 20+ hours a day, there is more flexibility and discretion. For straighter teeth and a healthier smile, consider invisible braces. 

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