Last Updated on 28th January 2021

There is never a “right answer” when it comes to applying makeup, but there are certainly some mistakes that tend to blight the majority of us.

Sometimes, it’s all about not adapting to the times. This might be from a trends perspective, but also about your own age. On other occasions, there are other points to consider, all of which can wreak havoc with your appearance and turn heads for all of the wrong reasons.

Bearing this in mind, today’s blog post will mull over several of the most common makeup mistakes and help you bolster your appearance without necessarily turning to a super-expensive set of new products.

Mistake #1: Fail to prep, prep to fail

Whether you go to one of the makeup courses Manchester has to offer, or venture to the other side of the world for such advice, all the experts would be preaching the same.

Put simply, prep is everything in a perfect makeup world – but far few of us carry it out.

What’s the optimum process? In truth, every expert is going to have different suggestions, but they generally involve cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Some will also advocate facial oils.

What shouldn’t you do? Apply makeup to a bare face. It’s asking for trouble.

common makeup mistakes

Mistake #2: You use concealer completely wrong

In some cases, it’s a godsend. However, many of us are also turning to concealer on far too many occasions.

It certainly has its uses and if you are using the perfect shade, it will generally work well.

On the flip side, if you start using too much of it, you’ll start highlighting your wrinkles. In other words, rather than trying to mask the dreaded tired eyes appearance, you’re actually highlighting them.

Mistake #3: You keep your foundation constant

In your 20s, you found the perfect product. Unfortunately, things quickly change.

We’re not talking about trends either (although some people should also be aware of this). When you are younger, your skin is much more supple (hence the lack of wrinkles). As you age, it dries out a little, and rather than turning to the once-staple matte foundation products, you should instead be opting for something a little creamier which highlights the moisture-factor.

Mistake #4 – Your lips are left out of the routine

For many, the lips are left on the side. Sure, we may add a smudge of lipstick, or lip balm if things start to dry up a little, but on the whole, they receive significantly less attention than the rest of our face.

The problem is that our lips deteriorate a lot with age. Our upper lip will thin and lose color, meaning that over time the differences are notable.

The solution? Turn towards an exfoliating scrub weekly and factor in a hydrating lip balm to your process. Do this in addition to the lipstick or gloss that you are most probably already applying.

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