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Different bodies tend to look better in different styles of clothing. In most cases, you don’t need to punish your body with food and exercise to make yourself look and feel good; you just need to shop in the right stores and maybe invest in a little tailoring.

The same is true when it comes to sunglasses. Faces come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so it does not make sense that the same style of sunnies will suit everyone. If you need some help identifying the sunglasses that will elevate your facial features, this quick guide is for you.

Lenses Should Always Cover This Portion of Your Face

Admittedly, the shape of your face is less important than the size of your face when it comes to any kind of eyewear. Glasses that are too large or too small will always look comical, and they could distort the proportions of other features of your face. You need to know certain dimensions to ensure that glasses always cover the correct portion of your face, which will improve their look and perhaps their function as well.

Your sunnies should always be as wide as your face, meaning the edge of the frames should align with the sides of your face. It is important to note that your face is not as wide as your head; generally, the sides of your head and your ears are wider than your face. You should ask someone you trust to measure the width of your face, as it will be difficult for you to do so properly in the mirror.

Your sunnies should be as high as the center of your eyebrows and as low as two-thirds down your nose. This should cover roughly one-quarter of your face, helping to even out different sections of your face and provide greater balance in your features.

This zone of your face is what you need to cover if you are correcting your vision or if you want to block out harmful UV rays. It just so happens to also be the most flattering scope of eyewear for any face. With this information in hand, you can invest in high-quality Cartier shades or dig through the convenience store bargain bin to find sunnies that highlight your attractive facial features.

Still, if you want more guidance to find sunglasses perfect for you, you can think about the shape of the frames using this guide:

If You Have a Heart-shaped Face…

If your forehead is much wider than the rest of your face which tapers to a point at your chin, you have a heart-shaped face. Frames that work well with this face shape include:

Rectangular or oval frames, which are wider than they are tall. These help balance the difference in width between your forehead and chin.

Round frames, which soften angular features like sharp cheekbones or pointy chins.

If You Have an Oval Face…

If your face is widest at the cheekbones and quite narrow at the forehead and chin, your face is oval-shaped. Oval faces tend to be longer than other faces, but their symmetry allows them to suit many sunny styles, to include:

Square or rectangular frames, which add angles for definition typically lacking in oval faces.

D-frames, which are a bit wider to provide balance to narrow silhouettes.

If You have a Diamond-shaped Face…

More angular than oval faces, diamond-shaped faces feature wide cheekbones and pointy chins and foreheads. Frames that suit this face shape include:

Oval or circular frames, which soften and balance the highly angular features.

Cat-eye frames, which bring attention upward to flatter eyes and cheekbones.

If You Have an Oblong Face…

Oblong faces are like oval faces in that they tend to be long, but rather than narrowing at the forehead and chin, oblong faces are the same width from top to bottom. Frames that suit this face shape include:

Square frames, which compliment the symmetry of the face shape.

Round frames, which soften and add contrast to the hard angles of the face.

If You have a Round Face…

You have a round face if your face is about as wide as it is tall and if your cheeks are the widest portion of your face. Because round faces tend to be dominated by soft curves and smooth lines, you want to invest in frames like these:

Angular frames, which provide contrast and structure to the face shape.

Upswept frames, like D-frames and cat-eyes, which add width to the upper portion of the face.

If You Have a Square Face…

As oblong is to oval, square is to round. You have a square face if the width and height are roughly the same and if you have angular features like a sharp jawline or square forehead. Frames that suit this face shape include:

Round and oval frames, which soften and balance the angles of the face.

Thinner frames, which can provide the illusion of length.

If You Have a Triangle Face…

If your face is widest at your jaw and narrowest at your forehead, your face is triangle-shaped. Generally, you want to balance your face by providing width with frames like these:

Cat-eyes and D-frames, which help define the brow line and add structure to the forehead.

Aviator frames, which help to soften the cheekbones and add balance to your face.

Ultimately, the best sunnies for you are the sunnies you will wear. This guide should merely help guide your sunglasses shopping experience, so you can fall in love with sunnies this summer season.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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