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Daily affirmations are a great way to practice the power of attraction. They help set intentions and create positive vibes that can bring what you are seeking closer to you.

The affirmation ‘I don’t chase, I attract’ is about changing your mindset from chasing to attracting. It’s a reminder that you have the power to manifest what you want into your life, and it encourages you to be mindful of how powerful your thoughts are.

Simply put, rather than chasing after what you want, it is about understanding that what you focus on and put out in the world will come back to you.

Here are ‘I don’t chase, I attract affirmations’ to say daily as part of your morning routine for increased success in manifesting your dreams!

25 I don’t chase I attract affirmations

1. I don’t chase after what I want; instead, I attract it.

2. I trust the power of attraction to bring what I want in life

3. My thoughts and energy attract abundance into my life.

4. I put out positive vibes that bring me success.

5. Every day, I attract new opportunities and experiences into my life.

6. I take inspired action to manifest all of my dreams and goals.

7. I take ownership of my power to attract the good.

8. I am a powerful magnet for success and abundance.

9. I am grateful for all I have attracted into my life.

10. I choose to be surrounded by positive energy that helps me manifest my dreams and goals.

11. My energy magnetizes all that is good in my life.

12. I’m excited about the good things that will come to me rather than focusing on what I don’t have.

13. I am worthy of living the dream life I have always wanted.

14. My positive energy brings me closer to all that I desire.

15. I attract success with my hard work and dedication.

16. I trust that the Universe will provide me with all that I need.

17. I take consistent steps towards manifesting my visions and goals.

18. I am deserving of the best that life has to offer me.

19. I am confident that I can manifest my goals.

20. My affirmations and visualizations attract success into my life.

21. I take inspired action and align myself with the energy of success.

22. What I think about brings me closer to what I want in life.

23. My mind is a powerful magnet for good, and I attract all that I need.

24. I am committed to manifesting success in my life through the power of attraction.

25. I am open to prosperity and let it flow into my life effortlessly, without the need to chase after it.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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