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No matter what your style, wearing statement jewellery is a great way to express yourself and showcase your personality.

Usually eye-catching and bold, these pieces are designed to stand out from the crowd through their size, colour, shape or style. 

Statement jewellery is not a new concept, either. It has been worn throughout the ages, with ancient civilisations like the Egyptians wearing elaborate jewels that offered them power and protection.

Now, people continue to use statement pieces to express their culture and identity. 

If you love the idea of statement jewellery but are unsure what to choose, we’re here to help. Here, we explore four types of jewellery that you can wear to make a statement.

Statement necklaces

There are many different statement necklaces to choose from – the key is to pick a piece that best represents you. If you’re going for a bohemian vibe, then colourful beads and stones may be perfect.

If you want a fierce look, then a chunky metal necklace could be ideal. Or, if you’re all about the glitz and glamour, you could opt for a pendant necklace with a large sparkly stone. 

Statement earrings

Popping on a pair of unique and bold earrings is a great way to showcase your sense of style. One great option is to choose a set of large drop earrings – their size is perfect for making a statement!

You could go for a pair inspired by nature with a petal or leaf design, earrings that showcase the colours of your nation, or a symbol that represents your faith or beliefs.

Statement rings

Rings can make a great statement piece. If you want to stand out from the crowd every day, you could choose a wedding or engagement ring with the wow factor, such as a dazzling diamond halo or cluster ring.

Or you could choose a ring with a coloured stone that represents something unique to you, such as your birthstone or your favourite colour. 

Statement bracelets

No matter what you’re wearing, a statement bracelet can be worn to showcase your unique sense of style. You could opt for a chunky gold cuff, a stack of colourful bangles, or a thick stone bracelet that sparkles and shines. Choose something that reflects your personality and makes you feel like you when you wear it.

Whether you prefer bright and colourful jewels or chunky metal, sparkly pieces or symbolic items, there are plenty of jewellery options to help you showcase your identity. How will you choose to make a statement with jewellery?

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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