Bora Aksu: London Fashion Week

I really could start off this post just being totally negative because the one and a half hour wait outside in the rain before Bora Aksu’s show at London Fashion Week, just didn’t inspire any postivity in me what-so-ever, the only problem is that it was truly worth it!

The collection sent out a message that bigger is better with loose fitting tops and jackets, tons of layering and full skirts lined with chiffon which sneakily crept out underneath. In Aksu’s vision silent and strong femininity prevails this autumn/winter, skirts swung as the models sashayed and each piece was bold yet graceful. Make up was full on but not overpowering, and hues of purple both on the cheeks and within the collection kept it colourful.

I especially liked the satin gloves and the chunky knitwear which was draped over the head….some of the pieces could have done without the brash chunky jewellery but aside from that Aksu was on top form!

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