Cavalli causes mayhem at H&M: 5 Interesting Facts

1. Coming soon to an EBay near you: So predictable…already “must-have items are making their way on to eBay for FIVE times their original price

2. All in NY: A lot of the whoopla occurred at H&M’s flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue where Cavalli turned up with model Jessica Stam to continue the party and which saw more than 100 people anxiously waiting. Some had been queuing since 7pm the day before. One shopper boasted that she picked up Cavalli’s finished cigar from the floor and will be selling it on eBay…we think that deserves an “eewww!

3. All gone: According to NY Mag, the collection sold out within 30mins in New York and two hours in London, Hong Kong and Milan

4. In store bribery: A commenter on H&M’s blog reported of some in store bribing in Holland. Apparently on the spot and amongst the mayhem a shopper actually sold a dress they grabbed for 10 Euros more than its retail price!

5. Mixed reactions: Reports of catfights galore are flooding in over at H&M but apparently none of them occurred in Sweden. Some are pissed at the exclusivity of the collection. While others are pleased as punch with their purchases. All in all it’s pretty safe to say that H&M made a killing and Cavalli’s ego has been seriously massaged. We love you Cavalli!

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