Chopstick Bras: Going green gone too far?

chopsticks_bra_final.jpgFrom recycling, to organic products, to celebs, like Leo DiCaprio, driving around in affordable hybrids instead of stretch SUV’s, being socially and environmentally conscious has not only become en vogue, but a necessary aspect of everyday life. Is there such thing as taking a good thing too far though?

Triumph International Japan recently took a quirky approach to going green by revealing its new eco-friendly “Chopsticks Bra. The undergarment is complete with rice bowl cups and a pair of folding, reusable, chopsticks strategically placed to enhance cleavage. (The average Japanese person goes through 200 pairs of disposable chopsticks a year!) Although designed to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, the message of promoting conservation is clear…saving the planet, one sushi roll at a time.


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