News: The Rihanna Bag is unleashed!

rihanna_bag.jpgRihanna must be a happy bunny…after all its not every day you have Marc Jacobs name a bag in your honour (I know…I know it seems like EVERY post today has had something to do with Marc Jacobs).

Veering away from his usual aesthetic Jacobs has designed the Rihanna bag in two similar styles with two very different price tags.

The Large Rihanna bag is a beautiful shade of metallic leather that fades into suede, $2075.


while the Large Metallic Rihanna Bag (our favourite) also in metallic leather is slightly distressed with a textural grain, $1,650.00


What do we think? The change in direction takes a bit of getting used to…but I reckon its one of those designs that’ll grow on us over time.

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