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First things first—baggy jeans are making a major comeback and they’re such a great way to give your wardrobe an effortlessly cool vibe.

Their loose, flowing silhouette provides a nice contrast to all the skinny jeans we’ve been wearing for years.

Baggy wide legged jeans are comfier, and give off relaxed 90s vibes. What’s not to love?

Now, pointy shoes may seem like a bold choice to pair with your baggy jeans, but they actually balance out the volume perfectly.

The sleek pointed toe helps elongate your legs, so you don’t get overwhelmed by all that billowing denim fabric.

Pointy flats stop the eye and keep your proportions balanced, while pointy heels take your look to the next level of chicness.

With that said, here’s our top picks of the best pointy shoes to wear with baggy wide leg jeans.

Best Pointy Shoes To Wear With Baggy Jeans

How To Wear Pointy Shoes With Baggy Jeans

For A Casual Daytime Look

Pointy flats either pointy ballet flats, kitten heels, are your best bet for daytime and casual wear.

Choose flats with an actual pointed shape rather than just a rounded toe. Pointiness is key! This helps counteract the slouchiness of wide-legged jeans.

Opt for flats in a fun color or print, like leopard print or bright red. This adds visual interest since wide-legged jeans swallow up your shoes.

For A Polished Evening Look

When it’s time to dress up your wide-legged jeans for a night out, swap the flats for some pointy-toed pumps.

Go for at least a 2-inch heel, or higher if you want extra leg length. Pointy stilettos are a classic choice, or try an on-trend square-toed pump for something a bit different.

Stick to neutral or metallic shades like black, beige, gold, or silver.

You want the focus to be on the interesting interplay between the jeans and the dressy shoes, rather than flashy colors.

Make sure your jeans are crisply pressed and dark-wash without distressing or holes for the most polished effect.

Show Off Those Ankles!

Here’s an easy styling hack— cuff or roll your wide-legged jeans to hit just above the ankle.

This exposes more of your ankles and lets those fabulous pointy shoes take center stage.

Cuff once or twice depending on the length and volume of your jeans.

Ankle-grazing jeans draw attention down to your shoes and make your legs look extra long. Pointy flats or heels will get all the attention they deserve! Just be sure to keep the hem even all the way around so your cuff doesn’t sag.

Accessorize Minimally And Tuck In Your Top

Since wide-legged jeans and pointy shoes make quite the style statement on their own, keep accessories minimal.

Stick to simple jewelry like stud earrings, a dainty necklace (a chunky necklace can also work too), or slim bracelet.

Let the textures and colors of your footwear and denim stand out.

Also, tuck your top into your jeans to balance the volume on bottom. This defines your waist, prevents excess bulk, and shows that you intentionally styled your look.

Go for a fitted blouse, silky cami, or cropped sweater.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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