Shopping: Charlotte Ronson Cropped Jacket

charlotte_ronson_cropped_ja.jpgLeather bombers are making a come back in Hollywood, with all of the young celebs rockin’ them over jeans and t-shirts, or even, over more formal red carpet looks. While there’s the slight but scary chance of looking like an extra from an 80’s pop video (“Thriller” comes to mind), if you throw on the right one, you’ll be able to pull off an effortlessly cool and edgy, city-chick vibe.

I love this tumbled suede cropped jacket by Charlotte Ronson as a toned down alternative to the traditional bomber look. It gives off a similar tough-girl vibe, but with a refined and almost demure flair and would top off almost any casual look for Spring, from mini dresses to wide-leg jeans with your favorite t-shirt. $466 available at Urban Outfitters.


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