I Dream of Dresses: Dream and Awake


I like my dresses with a story. Finding them, mainly, in charity shops means that I have to make them up. They become the little characters that live in my wardobe (i’m not crazy, I promise). Which is why I was so excited to stumble upon Dream and Awake, a little collective of girls who remake found vintage dresses like prescious treasures with a secret history.

The concept is a nice little spin on the collective love for vintage dresses which has been dominant for so long, and a lovely way to keep all the history, prints and colours but remade in shapes that actually fit and look perfect for modern life. These dresses are super pretty, light and twirly; they read like letters from your (fictional) bohemian grandmother on a sunday afternoon.

What makes Dream and Awake particularly enchanting are their collaborations with exquisite photographers who paint the stories of the brand like it is a whole secret world. The effect is like clicking into a hazy dream, where sunlight pours down on heirlooms from another time, kept safe in dusty chests just waiting to twirl again. I must have one immediately so that I too can wake up in such a pretty world.

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