Handbag Serendipity!

chanel_280508.jpgSerendipity, as defined by, is “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident, or “good fortune; luck. Well, I have to say I had quite a bit of both aptitude and good fortune a while ago

After spending a leisurely day traipsing around the boutiques of Greenwich Village in NYC, my friend and I stopped by a sample sale for Nicholas K and Rebecca Minkoff. I walked away with a fabulous metallic green linen trench that can also double as a dress, while my friend dashed off to a spa appointment clutching her new “Morning After” bag.

I decided to walk around a bit more and wandered into Housing Works, a Manhattan-based chain of thrift/consignment shops. My expectations were low, but what do I see when I walk in the door but a gorgeous vintage cream Chanel bag with chevron quilting! And it gets better … because it was only $10.

Vintage Chanel bags are timeless and go with every outfit and I have no idea how I managed to luck out in such an enormous way, but my thanks to whatever higher fashion power was looking over me!

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