How to Accomplish Cute And Professional? The Pencil Skirt


In an ideal world women would be able to wear whatever they want to work. Unfortunately, this world does not exist.

Whenever starting a new job most women ask themselves, “Is this shirt too low?”, “Is my skirt too short?” and “Will I offend anyone with my outfit?” The answer to all of these questions usually stands that if you are questioning your attire- it is most undoubtedly inappropriate. So how does one accomplish a sense of style while succumbing to the professional fashion structure that inherently exists in every establishment, well every establishment but the fashion industry?

The answer: Our old friend the cardigan and the pencil skirt.

Hands down, I love the high-waist pencil skirt with a simple black belt. This 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt accomplishes everything you would need in a bottom- knee length, color appropriate and versatile for both day and evening wear. Paired with a classy cardigan and black pumps this skirt could take you through your entire day and night.

If you aren’t looking to spend $400, this style is everywhere. Let us know what great skirts you find along the way!

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