Degaine: High Waist Flares Jeans for Any Season


The world isn’t full of skinny, tall super models. In fact, I kind of think most of you are like me- a little on the shorter side and like many roads, somewhat curvy. My one sore spot, when it comes to fashion, is finding the perfect jeans – meaning jeans that will transcend me from year to year and from trend to trend. The search has been going on for many years and I have yet to find the perfect pair to match my curvy bod- until now.

The Degaine High Waist Flare jeans ($235) molded so nicely to my hips that I didn’t want to take them off. Never in my life have I tried on a pair of jeans- it was like putting on a glove. Now one would think this could be mere luck, maybe today was my lucky day and I just happened to get the right pair. Au contraire my fashion friends, I tried on another pair of the same brand and experienced the same exact fate like sensation. The jeans are light in weight, yet dark in color pairing nicely for a night out on the town or a trot on a chilly day to the beach.

While I can relate to the hatred and fear that many of us possess when shopping for bottom wear, rest assured that these pants will change your life- they changed mine.

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