Andy Warhol ‘probably’ would have had botox

According to fashion designer Betsey Johnson, Andy Warhol ‘probably’ would have had Botox if he were alive today.

“He knew he was photographed a lot and liked to look as good as he could,” explained Betsey.

During the swinging Sixties, Betsey was lucky enough to go on holiday with the iconic artist, with the pair making regular trips to the Hamptons.

“I was going out with John Cale from the Velvet Underground, and I came out with Edie [Sedgwick] and Andy and the troops,” said Betsey to Vogue UK.

“Edie was my fit model at the time. I think the Velvets came out to play a gig in somebody’s mansion. I wasn’t a Factory Girl, but Edie and Andy liked my silver clothes and blah, blah, blah. I’m very unlike Keith Richards in the sense that I don’t remember everything. Coming out to the Hamptons at that time was a very uncomfortable experience, like, ‘Look at the freaks!’ Almost like segregation. It was the very rich, and very elitist.”

If only her assistant was there to boot.

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