Last Updated on 30th June 2011

While regular assistants struggle with keeping their boss’s diary up-to-date – and even making a cup of tea turns them into a nervous wreck – this is definitely not the case for fashion designer Betsey Johnson‘s ultra cool right hand woman, Stephanie Wagenman.

The 28-year-old Austin native and ex-ballerina originally interned at Betsey Johnson for two years while she was going to design school and teaching ballet, until one day Betsey offered her the job as her assistant – which she naturally took without a second thought!

But when Stephanie’s not organising Betsey’s sketches or posing in her clothes for the website, Johnson is forever trying to dress up her devoted assistant.

And whilst recently attending the New York City ballet, Stephanie definitely endured the wrath of one of Betsey’s crazy dress-up games!

“I went to the New York City Ballet with Betsey recently, and she decided to dress me up like one of the seven deadly sins. We picked wrath. Betsey drew all over me with a Sharpie, made my hair really crazy, dressed me in a giant hoop skirt with red bloomers and my butt showing — and she put me on a chain,” explains Stephanie to The Cut.

“She was dressed as anger management, and I was anger. I don’t know what crazy drugs you had to be on to think of this, but that’s just sane, normal life around here.”

Sounds kind of fun, right?

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