When Kate Middleton visited the exhibition of her wedding dress at Buckingham Palace with the Queen last week, her majesty didn’t seem to take an instant liking to what she saw infront of her.

As the Queen led the way around the palace’s Ballroom, she then stopped about 10 feet from the dress with Kate standing directly beside her.

But as the pair were happily chatting away, the pitch of the Queen’s voice suddenly raised as she blurted out the words ”horrible” and then ”horrid.”

It appeared the mannequin’s headless nature may have taken the Queen back a little bit, as she then added: ”It’s made to look very creepy.”

Kate then apparently defended the exhibit by saying it had a “3-D effect,” reports The Cut.

We’re afraid we have to agree with the Queen on this one Kate, the headless floating dress is slightly unnerving.