Love or hate: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo snake printed tote

Seasonal versions of our favourite bags have been springing up for a while now. Reinventing a classic piece by referencing a trend that is so distinctly current is a quirky way to make a fashion statement.

Thing is, we’re not sure if we want our investment bags to be too quirky; we want them to last for a long time, even once the seasonal trends have passed. So, can a classic piece that’s been given a trend-led makeover really stay the course?

Take this Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo tote in Supersonic Snake. We love Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. The distinct gold plaque and classic style have that timeless and lasting quality that we look for when we’re picking our investment accessories.

The Hillier Hobo is undoubtedly a bag that’s going to last, with its gorgeous shape and beautifully lined logo interior.

There’s one thing we’re not loving so much, though, and that’s its supersonic snake reinvention.

Yes, we know snakeskin is bang on trend for AW11. We also know that a pop of colour is a welcome note to every outfit.

But we’re thinking that we’d rather reference the seasonal trends elsewhere, and not on our investment bags. Snakeskin on such a timeless piece just doesn’t look right here, so we’ll be passing on this re-worked number.

What do you think, do seasonal makeovers work on classic pieces? Are you a fan of the new look Hillier Hobo?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fresh Grass Hillier Hobo Supersonic Snake Printed Tote, £260, available available my-wardrobe.

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