Do you like Rihanna’s Pucci pyjama premiere look?

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So, here we have Rihanna in Japan at the world premiere of her new film, Battleship. From the neck up, this is probably the most beautiful the singer turned actress has looked in ages; we’ve always loved her raven locks but she also looks so fresh faced and is practically glowing. Japan must totally agree with her!

Rihanna’s outfit on the other hand somewhat underwhelmed us. We weren’t expecting a full on ball gown a’ la Lily Collins yesterday, but didn’t quite anticipate a pyjama suit. Yes, it is a gorgeous pyjama suit literally hot off the Emilio Pucci autumn/winter 2012 runway, but we’re not sure it was the best choice for this occasion.

Perhaps if this was on another celeb we would applaud it and think it was beautiful (which it is, don’t get us wrong – loving the Pucci over here!) but this is Rihanna we’re talking about. THE Rihanna who turned up to the Grammys in a custom black dress slit down to her navel…

Even something slightly resembling the theme of the movie would have done us fine…

However, even though the world premiere was in Japan, perhaps Ri-Ri is saving the big guns (no pun intended) for the likes of London or Hollywood? Watch this space!

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