Deal of the Day: Bank Nicole sandals

Not the most weather-appropriate purchase we must admit, especially if you happen to be in London and looking out the window…

However, if you’re hopeful that the sun will return to Blighty any day now, or are indeed jetting off to sunnier climes, make like a Greek goddess and jazz up your outfit with these gold Nicole sandals from Bank.

Specializing in both men and women’s clothing, Bank stock some great pieces if we do say so ourselves including lots of gorgeous summer dresses.

We all like a bit of bling on our necks, wrists and fingers, but you mark our words, your feet will appreciate it too. Wear these sandals to dress down a maxi dress, or to spruce up some hotpants and a casual shirt… the outfit combinations for these babies are virtually endless.

These badboys are only £18, but we guarantee they will see you through the entire spring/summer season.

Buy now, thank us later!

Bank Gold Nicole sandals, £18

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