Get great deals and discounts with PayPal!

As it’s 2012, we think we’re all pretty familiar with PayPal and how perfect it is for transferring payments seamlessly but now there are even more reasons to love it!

PayPal is offering great deals and discounts on some of our fave brands and stores, from the likes of J Crew to Clinique to Target among others, so make sure you check out the ‘shopping’ section right now to make the most of all the fab offers.

Shopping on PayPal is both quick and simple; whether you’re searching for something in particular or just want to have a casual browse, there are helpful categories to ensure you know exactly what you’re looking for.

And let’s not forget the main reason we fell in love with PayPal all those years ago; not only is it stupidly easy to pay for your goods (we partially blame it for our online shopping addiction) but it’s also one of the safest payment methods around so that secure payments are guaranteed. .

All of your data is encrypted and what’s more, PayPal sends you an email whenever a payment is made, so you can be fully aware just in case any pesky hackers have managed to take over your account. (This isn’t likely though, as PayPal is known for its unparalleled security!)

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