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HP launches Paparazzi campaign

With the worlds of fashion and technology meeting all the more frequently, HP has just launched its new Paparazzi campaign to capture that middle ground where form and function can […]

SHOWstudio’s latest exhibition

SHOWstudio‘s exhibitions have quickly earned a reputation of being among some of the most innovative and interesting around London’s streets, and we’re pretty sure the latest one – an uncensored […]

Burberry launches interactive campaigns

If ever there was a person staying one step ahead of fashion’s technological toes, it’s Christopher Bailey. Social networking site and live 3D catwalk already conquered, Burberry’s latest conquest is […]

Cream of the crop

These days I find analysing red carpet dresses pretty tedious, everyone plays it so safe and when one star does attempt to be slightly fashion forward and take a risk […]

Coming out in the Nude….

Soft nude shades seem to be a permanent fixture in the stores at the moment and have a very delicate almost romantic look about them when combined with silky fabrics, […]

It’s a boy/girl thing!

I’m not really one for the transference of women’s fashion to the guys, in my opinion this should have stopped at the ‘man bag’; however it totally works the other […]

Making his Marc

Style god Marc Jacobs brought the New York fashion elite to London last week when the opening of his Mount Street store coincided with his Marc by Marc Jacobs show […]

Italian Fashion examined….

What is Paris Hilton but a cloud of pastel ectoplasm, its molecules barely sticky enough to hold form? Guy Trebay critically examines Italian Fashion……[NY Times]

Kristopher Dukes

You’ve your very little black dress. Now for spring double-oh-seven, your K says invest in a big black hole of a Patent Leather Marni Bag.


Meet David Wolfe of The Doneger Group, the premier fashion trendspotting firm, in a Fashiontribes video interview about the biggest fashion trends for Fall 2007.

LA Story

The tricks that make-up artists use to keep celebs looking fabulous both on and off camera are available for consumers too. [LA Story]


eBelle5 discovers the perfect designer handbag for the “Party Girl” who is “Down2Night”


StyleBakery.com finds 8 pairs of chic and comfy ballet flats starting at only $20 (and all of them under $60)