Last Updated on 29th October 2005

Love Vintage? Then you’ll want to know about Joe Prince, a vintage fashion boutique dedicated to the rare, retro and more individual pieces in fashion….

What makes Joe Prince unique?

There are a number of sites out there selling vintage and retro fashion but we’re trying to do things a little differently. We have a huge passion for fashion…new and old. Current designers are constantly taking inspiration from what has gone before and translating it into a modern interpretation of the latest look. At Joe Prince we have our eye on the runway and source items from the past which you will see in the stores next season. Most vintage sellers just buy up anything vintage! We purchase items from all over the world to ensure that we have an eclectic mix of products on our website and we want the vintage pieces we select to work within a modern wardrobe. We want our customers to find something at Joe Prince which they will treasure forever but wear to death!

What do you think is so appealing about Vintage clothing?

Vintage is perfect for the girl (or guy!) who has nightmares about walking into a bar and seeing someone else in exactly the same outfit! Vintage pieces, by their very nature, are unique and individual, so this appeals to the fashion trend-setters. I also think the stories behind the vintage clothes are appealing. For example, I recently bought some dresses from a lady’s estate in Texas. Apparently she was ‘lady of the manor’ and used to host cocktail evenings and balls at her home in the 1920’s. I bought some of her cocktail dresses and I can just imagine her gliding down her marble staircase ready to greet her guests!

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