Last Updated on 19th October 2013

So Beyonce’s new line is causing quite a stir, some think its way too expensive while others can’t get enough. Either way, many are talking about the debut of the House of Dereon.

Beyonce has released a statement saying,

” the aim is to fuse celebrity power and design artistry into a brand of global importance.”

Intending to offer affordable couture, furs, ready-to-wear, denim and casual sportswear, the line is named after her seamstress grandma and according to the bootylicious babe its theme is,

taking nothing and turning it into something because that’s what my grandmother did with all kinds of fabrics. She just turned everything into masterpieces, and that’s what my mother does.”

Could Beyonce be a bit deranged? Tina’s creations are far from masterpieces, more like god awful! Destiny Child’s style has drastically changed since they were released from wearing the nightmare that was Tina Knowles designs.

And they emerged more stylish and glam then ever….

It’s very likely her grandma did create something out of nothing but today, Miss and Mrs Knowles are far from doing they same. With a great deal of start up capital enabling them to invest in better fabrics than most, this really cant be what Beyonce’s referring to as nothing.

It’s bad enough she’s joined the whole celebrity cum fashion designer posse who are determined to take over the industry, but trying to justify it, with a lame grandma theme really doesn’t sound too good.

The collection isn’t as bad as Tina’s earlier work, but the House of Dereon hasn’t really made or added any creative differences to the industry. Nevertheless sales of the label probably won’t reflect this, and everyone will most likely run out to buy pieces because Miss Knowles supposedly designed it. Jeans are currently available for purchase on the site and are selling for approx. $100 each.

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