The media is having a field day exposing various celebrities and their drug use. Back on the hit list is Kate Moss alongside Naomi Campbell. According to model booker Gavin Maselle who spoke exclusively to the Sun, Naomi and Kate took a huge amount of drugs while meeting Nelson Mandela in South Africa in February 1998.

He tells stories of their drug sessions, lesbian romps, his time in the shower with Kate and how Naomi is “downright rude.

We all ended up lying on Naomi’s bed. Naomi was being very dramatic. She would go into the bathroom, snort, come out and change into this fabulous Pucci kaftan and rant and rave about her fabulous life.

Kate spent a night of lust with the American model on the same trip, Gavin revealed.

The pair snorted line after line of cocaine before slipping between the sheets of the king-sized bed in Kate’s hotel suite.

He’s also exposed Kate as a drug smuggler telling how she smuggled ecstasy, cocaine and the date-rape drug Rohypnol in a Faberge egg…..

Gavin said: “She travelled the world with that egg. Kate flew to Cuba the next day with it full of ecstasy and Rohypnol.

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