Last Updated on 19th October 2013

Victoria Beckham  - NY Fashion Week

After her failure at conquering the music business, Victoria Beckham has had her sights set on the fashion industry for a while now. Steadily implementing her strategy for global recognition as a style icon, often Victoria’s methods such as changing 3 times within hours during NY Fashion week, parading around Paris Fashion week with Katie Holmes in tow and wearing looks straight from the catwalk have screamed of desperation, however one can’t fault her steely determination.

That Extra Half an inch - Victoria BeckhamShe’s focused all her attention on building her brand DVB Style, under which she’s launched a perfume and an eyewear range, with more to follow. She’s also released a book, “That Extra Half inch (which although many bought for humour purposes, positioned Victoria in 2nd place in The Sunday Times non fiction book charts) and developed an accessories line with Japanese design label, Samantha Thavasa. Now rumours are floating around that since meeting brand J-Lo at the TomKat wedding, a possible lingerie line could be in the works.

Victoria Beckham - TomKat weddingCould it be possible that DVB style will be the next major brand to come out of Britain? In terms of key brands, Britain’s last claim to fame is Burberry, of which there has been no real successor since. While it’s a hard push to say that DVB Style would be comparable to Burberry, in terms of history, culture and credibility, with Victoria (and David’s) international fan base, is it so unbelievable to imagine that it could obtain the same commercial success?

With money talking more than sense in the fashion industry right now, is it even more of a stretch to envisage DVB Style at one of the fashion weeks in the near future? It’s tempting to want to not take her seriously or even like her, but after watching a couple of webisodes and reading her blog, it’s almost impossible not to find her endearing.

Diddy did it with Sean John, will VB do it with DVB Style?

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