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The heading above comes from an article in this months Vogue UK regarding the phenomenon of fashion blogging, which I was beside myself in excitement to read. What a breakthrough for fashion bloggers to be recognised by Vogue as a legitimate form of media! However a couple of paragraphs into the article and I just became plainly disappointed at the incorrectness of one particular fact and opinion.

Author of the article Linda Grant cites the Manolo as the first fashion blog to hit the blogosphere and continues on to claim that it is the prototype from which fashion bloggers struggle to keep up with.

“Not Manolo Blahnik, but his namesake, an anonymous New Yorker who knows everything about shoes.

It was my first and indeed the first fashion blog- the prototype from which all others struggle to keep up.

As a fashion blogger, I felt slightly insulted, for myself and for the other fashion bloggers who do not blog in the hope of becoming as commercially successful as the Manolo and therefore do not view the Manolo as a prototype to struggle to keep up with but rather as a fellow colleague whose wit and talent is admirable.

Secondly it is inaccurate to name the Manolo as the first fashion blog which Grant says began on October 16, 2004, as My Fashion Life began in 2003 and No Good For Me – my first experience of a fashion blog – has been on the circuit for even longer.

The rest of the article gives a little insight into why fashion blogs are becoming read by fashion lovers, the motivation behind the blogs and the bloggers of The Bag Snob, and the Manolo, and an indication of their blogging income.

A copy of the scanned piece is below, what do you guys think?


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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