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So there have been a few changes around My Fashion Life this year including a complete site re-design thanks to sycamore solutions and hopefully there will a lot more in 2007! I’ve often shied away from being personal in this blog, so this really is an overdue personal post.

In my three soon to be four years of blogging I’d say this year has been the most demanding. Juggling the regular updates with increasing work commitments is often tricky but this summer had to be the most difficult. Updates were very infrequent, but yet you guys still stayed patient and loyal with My Fashion Life, so a massive THANK YOU, your love especially through your emails and comments is much appreciated.

And so I am now officially on holiday! Will be back on the 3rd of January with a lot more fashion goodies. Be sure to check the round up of sidelinks after this post from our fashion blogging friends.

Below are links to MFL’s 12 top stories of the year,

Phoebe leaves Chloe; Cool Britannia; Gwens Maternity Chic; Calvin takes Kate back; H&M to team up with Viktor & Rolf; Explore a whole floor of Pure Accessories; Scarlett Hearts RBK; Drapers enters the blogosphere; Agent Moss; Gaultiers runway surprise; Fashion helps Kylie’s comeback; Ford explores men

and some blasts from the pasts to keep you entertained.

Truth about Fashion; Interview with Designer Julian Roberts; Is part of Fashion Dying; Interview with Designer Ashish Gupta ; Graduate Fashion Week, Strong Striking but does it need a wow factor; Thigh High; Une Premiere; Interview with Designer Osman Yousefzada; Goodbye Winter, hello spring; Letting Go

Happy Holidays!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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