Does the neckline on this dress of Kate Moss with Johnny Depp look familiar to you?
It did to me too….it bares a striking resemblance to a piece from her collection due to hit stores soon.
While perusing an amazing second hand book shop in Notting hill last Monday I came across a biography of Johnny Depp and being the fan that I am it would have been a sin not to flick through. Well lo and behold one of them pictured him with Kate, both looking effortlessly cool. (see above). Mouth open, I couldn’t believe that Topshop had blatantly copied the design of this dress. I understand the collection is intended to imitate Kate’s sense of style but surely Topshop are credible enough to not have to shamelessly copy the design of this neckline so obviously. Does anyone know who the designer of the original is and what year this picture was taken?

[Images: & TFS]

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