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I DON’T tone down my look when I go to work. For me, the Tatler office, where I’m fashion director, is a place to play. I always wear hats ” – Isabella Blow

I had to re-read the news of Isabella Blow’s death at least twice. I just couldnt believe it. My regular reads are all stating similar sentiments quoting that she was one of the most unforgettably original and eccentric figures on the international fashion scene, a true fashion original, imaginative, inventive and intelligent. Aged 48, Blow had been battling with ovarian cancer, the exact cause of her death is said to be unknown however reports confirm that she died peacefully in her sleep

For me Isabella Blow was always one of those icons whom I knew of but didn’t know about. It’s strange and sad that I’ve learnt more about her in her death than I did when she was alive. She will surely be missed…

“She will leave a gaping hole in the fashion world,” said Geordie Greig, editor of the society magazine Tatler, where she had been fashion director for six years. “She was just one of the brightest stars in the fashion world, the funniest, the most original, the kindest. She was one of those people who breathed life into a room, her energy was electric. She didn’t do dull, she didn’t do unoriginal – she was always just dazzlingly imaginative, creative, unexpected.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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