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Oh say it isn’t so! According to Grazia one of our favourite ladies will be laid to rest in the new movie, subsequently killing off the foursome that we’ve grown to know and love. Ahhh! Well I suppose we can console ourselves with the knowledge that Charlotte finally gets pregnant and Big is still looking as handsome as ever!

Fashion addicts can swoon over some of the outfits here. Its great to see that stylist, Patricia Field has ensured that the ladies retain their original style whilst keeping it fresh by incorporating some of the latest trends. Charlotte is still polished and pretty, Carrie as always is ten steps ahead with her quirky ways, Miranda is unashamedly bold (I love her look in the picture after the jump. She looks stunning!) and Samantha is very much the power player.


But what’s going on with Jennifer Hudson? The lucky lady will be playing Carrie’s assistant and if her acting is as good as it was in Dreamgirls then we are in for a treat……I just pray they do something to improve her outfits because this ensemble just isnt cutting it. Sex and the City: The Movie comes out next May….I cant wait!


[Images:GabbyBabble & ONTD]

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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