westwood_sunglasses.jpgOK, so it’s been established that wearing sunglasses indoors is something only Bono or MJ (circa “Thriller) should be allowed to pull off…but what about sporting shades in the dead of winter?

Recently, celebs seem to never leave home without their tinted spectacles firmly glued to their faces, no matter the temperature or wind chill. They do this partly to shield their rolling eyes from the blinding flashes of the paparazzi and, of course, to add an air of mysteriousness and that “je ne sais quoi. Lucky for them, their favourite designers, like Marni, Vivienne Westwood and D&G, all pushed their latest collections of Fall/Winter eyewear at shows and in fashion magazines.

For the average gal though, it does still seem a tad self-indulgent or pretentious to wear sunglasses in scarf and mitten temps. But, the truth is, everyone has become a lot more conscious of the effects of sun damage. (Ahem, Britney single-handedly keeping spray tan shops in business.) Sunscreen and self-tanner have quickly become a part of basic year-round skincare, so maybe it shouldn’t be surprising for sunglasses to be the next in line.

There probably are doubters who will refuse to jump on the latest trend being marketed, but for fashion lovers at heart, who honestly can say “no to another good reason to go shopping and to help us better channel our inner glam?

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