Last Updated on 19th October 2013


So, I’m making a foray into new territory here—perfume! I don’t know about all of you ladies, but I’m never fully dressed until I have spritzed myself with scent. However, it’s tricky to describe perfumes as they change with everyone’s body chemistry and no one has yet figured out how to send smells over the internet (note to any technology proficient readers: this would be an excellent idea).

My personal favourite is and always will be Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani. It’s very delicate, floral without being cloying, and has the slightest hint of musk (the Armani website says sandalwood too). The best part is, on a warm day the scent will “reactivate itself and you smell freshly spritzed all over again (plus my boyfriend loves it).

Another great perfume, though slightly more difficult to track down, is Caterina di Medici from I Profumi di Firenze in Italy. When I was much younger I happened to wander into an apothecary in Florence that has recreated dozens of scents from the secret mixtures commissioned by the Medici family. These scents are unlike most of our modern day perfumes in that they are not based upon synthetics—they’re entirely natural which gives them a much richer bouquet.

The Honeysuckle (Fiori di Cielo, which unless my Italian fails me translates to ‘flower of the sky’) is also divine. Fortunately you won’t need to travel to Florence to get your own bottle—simply visit to pick out your own.

I’ve listed my two go-to scents; what do you like to dab on?

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