Last Updated on 18th March 2008

Call me crazy, but I just love finding clothes that make me go ‘huh?’ when I see them for the first time on a hanger.

The pieces could have intricate straps that criss-cross, be draped in ways that are tough to figure out, or have interesting design elements that don’t seem to go together at initial glance, but might just work when worn with confidence.

I think it’s because I like being different (i.e I don’t find showing up to an event in the same outfit as my girlfriend cute or uncanny…I find it irritating and embarrassing), so anything to help guarantee avoiding those awkward moments is worth the fashion risk.

This Vintage Couture dress by Karen Zambos fits that description perfectly and would mesh beautifully in my closet.

With a striped scoop-neck yoke above the bust, and contrasting teal skirt with uneven ruffles below (but only in the front), the dress clashes just enough where it comes off as interesting and distinctively stylish.

I love that the design is unique and unexpected, but is balanced by the simple lines and a girlie silhouette at the same time. $350 available at Shopbop.

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