As the dawn of summer festivals prepares to rise , my yearning to be swaying in a sunlit meadow whilst a girl sings onstage with a strumming guitar and a paper owl is growing rapidly.

Appropriately, there seems to be a beautiful new wave of folky music-making, new age feather-wearing, face paint toting girls to take inspiration from. Like the goldilocks pierrot of Alison Goldfrapp’s new look, to the war paint and head dresses of Natasha Khan (aka Bat for Lashes), who looks a bit like a flower child who has fallen into a box of glitter and emerged looking like some kind of beautiful shaman.

Or try a bit of California dreaming with the original hippy music girl, Michelle Phillips from the Mamas and the Papas – all centre partings, glowing cheeks and fringing.

In the same way that placing a guitar in the arms of a boy makes me fall immediately in love with him, these talented girls are my new batch of girl crushes. Seeing as my musical talent leaves much to be desired, I’ll just have to fashion myself a feather headress and think myself into that meadow…..

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