Last Updated on 20th May 2008

Fact: there is an on-going baby boom in Hollywood at the moment. Keri Russell, Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Halle Berry, Minnie Driver, Julia Roberts and many others have sported stylish maternity duds with their buns in the oven, and there is no reason why non-celebs can’t do the same. Here are some top tips to achieve pregnancy glam!

1. Stretch is key. If you want to silhouette your fabulous baby body, a wrap dress is a great option for the first two trimesters.

2. Empire tops are a must. They can be worn with stretchy skirts, slim-cut pants or a wide-legged trouser. Empire tops are also a great addition to your non-pregnancy wardrobe. Anthropologie has a great selection.

3. Don’t buy anything with a high waist. Every one of my friends who has had a baby (or is currently pregnant) insists that the low-rise cut is the way to go in terms of comfort.

4. Maxi dresses will always look fabulous, or any sort of dress with a neckline that will expose your decolletage. They are effortlessly elegant but also roomy, so you won’t feel restricted by your clothing.

5. Embrace colour. Bright colours draw the eye and highlight how gorgeous you look. Dress to impress—that whole pregnancy glow is completely true!

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