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jilsander_030608.jpgIf countless magazines are to be believed, it seems it may be time for me to wean myself off my standard issue colour palette of neutrals and muted jewel tones in favour of block printed summer brights. Not that British summer is actually here yet (will it ever be…?), despite what the magazines would have us believe.

But in the absence of real sunlight and actual warmth on my little white shoulders, perhaps wearing bright colours would be an optimistic alternative? A self-conjured vision of summer colour and joy.

As much as I appreciate the simple impact of block colour by the likes of Jil Sander, I am a detail junkie through and through; a girl who likes her patterns dense and her layers clashing. Perhaps simplicity would not be the best way to approach a trend of which I am already decidedly wary?

Instead, I will stick within my favoured realm of over-zealous prints and multitudes of colours and look to clashing florals in the manner of Dries van Noten and Balenciaga. Brightly painted patterns teamed with boys’ checked shirts or bright little ankle socks clashing with shoes in paintbox brights will be my coloured uniform of choice. All topped off, of course, with my favourite trend and everlasting addiction – killer lipstick in every colour of the rainbow.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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