Last Updated on 22nd July 2008


It’s hard to ignore the tell-tale signs of an economy that is on the downturn. Luxury brands go on sale, the media analyzes retail from every angle and the new fall styles are already on mark down- all indications of an economy in trouble. One genre of retail that has survived, at least thus far, is the basic.

Yes, it seems so simple. The plain black top, the neutral white bottom and the brown pullover are not only doing extremely well- they are selling like hot cakes. While we would all love to indulge in the new trends and spend our hard earned cash on the obscure colours of each and every season, the fact of the matter is- we simply cannot.

It makes more sense financially to invest in items that will stand the test of time and can be worn from now until the next season. With that said, if you’re like me and you simply can’t live without the summer gladiator sandal or fall jewel tone bag-there is hope.

Simply allow yourself to purchase one main item for the season that can go with all of your outfits- like a bag or pair of shoes, that way you won’t feel so behind the times and will still have some extra cash for rent in your pocket! $24, V-neck tissue tee available at JCrew

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