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Every so often a trend appears that I have a great longing to wear but question my ability to wear it: the skull print made famous by Alexander McQueen, vintage style t-shirts, the superhero look pioneered by Luella. All these trends demand a certain level of coolness.

I can’t explain what I mean by cool but I know it when I see it, certain people just stand out as being “cool. I spend most of my days swanning around in dresses and full skirts and whilst I dress in my own style that is still trend led, I am certainly not cool.

But now, once more my coolness is being tested in the form of the industrial boot, that style made famous by Dr Martens, has been commandeered by the high street and turned it into a thing of beauty. Kurt Geiger, Topshop, French Connection, All Saints, all of them have their very own take on the workman’s boot. I have personally fallen in love with the All Saints version, which comes in chocolate, black or a dirty white.

I long to wear them, and whilst I don’t believe in denying myself anything, I just can’t imagine myself in these boots, what would I wear them with? Daisy Lowe strolls around in a pair with a tea dress as though it were the easiest thing in the world.

I do think if you’re going to wear them then it has to be with a pretty girly dress or with a pair of super skinny jeans. It’s just getting that innate cool edginess, if only someone could bottle it and then I could buy it and be a genuine cool girl.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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